If you have an upcoming baby shower to shop for, then look no further. https://t.co/p2wwmkv2Df

Lead, arsenic, pesticides- NOT things you'd want to feed your baby, right? Then you might be surprised that many popular packaged baby foods contain these chemicals. Click to read how to protect your baby from toxins and give them the nutrition they need: https://t.co/hZM6wmFwvu

Meet the painter and Supreme collaborator who turns his psychedelic experiences into gallery art https://t.co/sCJbIvpWx5

In 🇬🇧English, "table" = present for formal deliberation, literally the opposite Americans' understanding

After her #Brexit deal was defeated today, PM Theresa May "is required to table a new motion within three days setting out how she plans to proceed"

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Has Suffered The Worst Defeat In House Of Commons History

The government was defeated by 432 to 202, a margin of 230.


We designed these chic studios on two completely different budgets. Can you guess which one was designed on a dime? https://t.co/1fPoEm1yQJ

Fresh Paint: artist Devan Shimoyama takes on race and sexuality with glitter and rhinestone https://t.co/SaR0RR5iro

Take inspiration from these stylish spaces and inject your home with a healthy dose of colour this season. https://t.co/C2cxyGIjs1

This is nothing like your grandmother's wallpaper. https://t.co/JvKKRAOPec

If a trend is the general direction in which something is changing, then this Toronto home, designed by Jordy Fagan and Alana Fire­stone of Collective Studio, is a definite trendsetter.

Photography: Alex Lukey | Design: Jordy Fagan & Alana Firestone | Styling: Stacy Begg

A modern-boho home that utilizes every square inch | Style at...

How changing up a layout opened the floor for a trendy family home with style that boasts staying power.


“You can literally research for months. But in the end, the best design is born of self-discovery. The more you understand who you are and how you live, the better the odds that the rooms you create will be rooms that you love.”

Image: Stacey Brandford / Styling: Christine Hanlon

A Victorian home that's a true reflection of its homeowners |...

A designer used self-reflection and simplicity to do up her Toronto Victorian.


From the stunning views to the absolutely gorgeous decor, this P.E.I. hotel is a must-visit. https://t.co/iilQWG1c6o

It's official: Velvet is back and better than ever. https://t.co/UTtQH1N9wj

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