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We've designed these rooms with two completely different budgets. Can you tell the difference?

Inject a fun-loving feel into your kitchen with bright pops of pink and red.

It's been a tough few weeks at BuzzFeed, and as of yesterday the @BuzzFeedNews copydesk lost two of its own to company-wide layoffs: New York's @mirandakantor and London's @LyleBrennan. They're two of the sharpest, most brilliant editors around. Hire them immediately.

Happy #ValentinesDay! Do you guys have any plans tonight? I'm kind of done with the over-priced menus in quiet if you need some creative, out-of-the-box ideas - head here: 💘

Can you tell which fashion-forward space was made on a budget as low as $4,069?

Both studios boast a vibrant yet relaxed feel, but their budgets set them apart. Can you tell which one was more costly?

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