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At least 10 states (and many more cities) are observing Indigenous Peoples Day today. When the rest catch up, remember: There's no apostrophe.

No copy editor has all three:

• an understanding of the proofreading marks
• no typos in their emails
• a laissez-faire attitude about the Oxford comma

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Something not many people know about me: I’m even more obsessed with interior design than fashion! With our English house-hunt in full-swing, I’m collating inspo like crazy. Follow my brand new Instagram feed, @louiseroehome and please DM me your ideas too! #designinspo

#WorldMentalHealthDay is a great day to think about our language. Using diagnosable conditions in a casual sense can be harmful.

Read about this and our other guidelines for writing sensitively about mental health: https://www.buzzfeed.com/drumoorhouse/writing-about-mental-health

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Find out which store size-shamed me out of the fitting room...live on today’s podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/morning-people-with-preston-konrad/id1472611388?i=1000452585991

This week on 'Corporate Lunch,' @willwelch joins @noahvjohnson and @samuelhine to drop a major fall fits preview and talk about shooting the coolest man alive, Brad Pitt, for @GQMagazine's October issue

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I love my evening bags and clutches but never get to use them enough. Click to read why I’m turning my favorite evening accessories into daytime details on Front Roe https://frontroe.co/2mhuaUB

We’re updating our style to “Kyiv” to refer to Ukraine’s capital city.

Why is this important? The "Kiev" spelling is transliterated from the Russian language, while "Kyiv" is transliterated from Ukrainian.

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